Yes. You should hire an attorney experienced in handling truck accident cases, as these are unique cases and more difficult than other motor vehicle cases. Federal and state regulations govern the operation of tractor trailers and commercial vehicles, and investigating and litigating these type cases require an experienced attorney. Our firm has been involved in trucking cases for more than 30 years, and we would be happy to discuss your case or schedule a free consultation.

Immediately. Trucking companies and their insurance carriers have teams of investigators and experts who come to the scene of an accident to immediately begin an investigation. It is therefore important to contact experienced trucking attorneys to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, secure black box data, and otherwise carry out an investigation to protect your rights.
Nothing. You may contact us today to discuss your case, or to schedule a free consultation. There is no cost to meet with an experienced attorney in our office. We will be happy to discuss with you your options in pursuing a claim.
Early investigation is necessary not only to secure evidence that can be lost or destroyed, but because the insurance carrier will be immediately conducting an investigation, attempting to obtain evidence favorable to the trucking company. An experienced attorney can retain accident reconstructionists or other experts immediately to assist in obtaining the critical evidence, including “black box data” and other evidence that may be lost over time. Physical evidence at the scene, such as skid marks, yaw marks and other evidence of the speed of the vehicle and other vehicle dynamics, must be preserved. In a trucking case, you should immediately hire quality legal counsel in order to conduct a proper investigation.
Yes. Commercial vehicles are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which address safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. It is important to retain experienced counsel who are familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that govern the operation of tractor trailer vehicles on the highways, and the specific legal issues and procedural requirements involved in litigating these cases.
Yes. Truck owners and operators are required to carry significantly higher insurance coverage than drivers of other automobiles. Because higher insurance coverage is involved, the stakes are much higher in trucking cases. Insurance companies will therefore immediately conduct investigations in order to secure evidence favorable to the trucking company, so it is important to hire an attorney and act without delay in order to protect your rights.
The driver of the truck which caused the wreck may be held responsible. In addition to the driver, the employer of the driver, the owner of the truck and trailer, the motor carrier, the insurance carrier, and other involved drivers, and possibly the owner or loader of the cargo being transported by the truck, may be held responsible. It is important to hire an attorney immediately to conduct an investigation, so that the proper parties and their insurance carriers can be held accountable.
The insurance company and the trucking company are not your friends. They will be attempting to obtain evidence and statements that will negatively affect your right to a recovery. It is a mistake to provide statements or communicate directly with the insurance carrier, as any statements or information you provide can be held against you in a subsequent litigation. In order to obtain full and complete justice, you should immediately obtain experienced counsel who can investigate your case, protect your rights, and represent you in court in order to hold the trucking company and insurance company fully accountable.

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