Truck Accident Injury

Truck Accident Injury

On just about every road in Georgia, one can find a single-unit or a combination truck of some sort running different errands. Without a doubt, trucks are on the roads in higher volumes than in previous decades. No wonder when a truck accident occur it sometimes involves multiple vehicles due to the truck’s size and relative momentum.

Since there are no designated truck-only lanes or truck-only roads, all motorists are required to share the roads with these large vehicles while exercising much vigilance. Although motorists and pedestrians for the most part give way to these oversized vehicles; sometimes unfortunate collisions occur.

A truck accident injury deserves serious and immediate legal attention. Not just any lawyer will do to get these cases resolved in a timely fashion and with maximum compensation for the injured victim. For these cases, you need the services of a law firm that is on top of its game in experience and results in handling truck accident injury claims.

If you or a loved one are faced with the sad reality of a personal injury or death caused by a truck accident; do not delay in calling the Law Office of Johnson & Ward. We are the truck accident injury specialists located in Atlanta and we are a telephone call away at (404) 524-5626. Remember, if you are the innocent victim in a truck accident injury on any of Georgia’s roads; Johnson & Ward are here to represent you. We are on your side.

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