Tractor Trailer Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Tractor trailers come in different sizes. However, no matter their size; they are in the category of heavy vehicles. Due to their design and purpose, their length can be extensive. This extended length can be a negative factor where collisions are concerned. When these vehicles collide with other motor vehicles; significant personal injury and property damage usually occur.

Many of these collisions are due in part to an imbalance of weight of the cargo and the weight of the truck itself. Simple things like a curve in the road or more complicated issues like driver error or negligence can cause this. Nonetheless, when this happens; the tractor trailer can jackknife or rollover leading to devastating results.

No matter what the reason for the collision that led to a personal injury in a tractor trailer accident; the services of a well versed law office should be consulted. That is why Johnson & Ward is a recognized and trusted defender of personal injury victims of tractor trailer accidents in Georgia.

The statistics for tractor trailer accidents on the many roads in Georgia are rather grim. Death or personal injuries are usually the end result. Therefore, consult with a lawyer who is dedicated to getting results and aggressive and tactical in seeking the highest level of compensation for your personal tractor trailer accident injury. Contact the Law Firm of Johnson & Ward, which is Atlanta’s best choice for tractor trailer accidents claims. Give us a call to discuss your injury claim at (404) 524-5626.

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